Lulugayan Falls is known as the most popular and exceptional waterfall in Samar. It was once dubbed as mini Niagra Falls for having a wide and long range cascade. This is must add to list tourist destination for it is one of the most pretiest waterfall in country.

To improve tourist activities and to train locals residing in Literon Village it was closed for several months to the public. The area preserve its natural environment by not allowing Cars or Vans to pass through the village.

Only 150 tourists are allowed to enter everyday. This is also one way to easily preserve the natural beauty of Lulugayan Falls. If you go and visit here, you can see and enjoy many pools that were provided to take a break or rest from the heat. Lulugayan Falls spans 50-meters in width that considered her as the widest waterfall in the country. The highest drop here is 30 meter in height. More than one hundred cascades flows to a 14 kilometers rapids before it drains in Calbiga River. This water flows from Lake Kalidongan.

This place is also ideal for picnic and bond with family and friend because it has perfect scene for nature lover. Waterfall views and sond of the birds and winds not to mention the trees that sorrounds the area. A treehouses are also available near function hall. A hannging bridge connects this “kubo” that will certainly give guests a wide view of the entire Lulugayan Falls. Best way to appreciate the beauty of this place is to view it from this platform.

How to get there

Lulugayan Falls is is located in Calbiga Samar. R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative can give you a smooth and safe travel to Calbayog city. In additon, Wandering Feet PH’s blog include things to do when you get there . Check this out.

  • From Calbiga town proper, you can charter a habal-habal to get you to the waterfall
  • Trip takes around 30-45 minutes
  • Fare would be around 100 PHP per person per way
  • Register at the registration area and get a guide
  • Guide rate is around 500 PHP per 10 people
  • Registration area collects the entrance, environmental, and guide fees..
  • There are cottages and tables for rent on the area.
  • Please observe proper waste disposal. (LNT – Leave No Trace)
  • It can get crowded especially during weekends and holidays.Be extra careful when crossing to the other side
  • Rocks can be slippery and the water current is quite strong
  • Lastly, enjoy and appreciate the world inside the cave
  • Don’t forget your souvenir pictures.

Missing this kind of travel experience might be a regret. so keep your feet on and talk to us about your plans. So we can go ahead make things possible. Contact us now!

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