Caluwayan Beach Resort And Rock Formation, two beautiful places that can be found in Marabut, Samar. Strong pacific waves carved these impressive Rock formations over centuries that defines and put beautiful scenery from the resort. Stunning karst limestones were rose from the sea a hundred years ago. From the shore itself, you can see this amazing Rock Formation already. But to have a closer look that can certainly boost your excitement, you can rent a kayak from Caluwayan Beach Resort but you can also rent a boat from the fishermen around the area.
Some of these Rock Formations have white beaches. So, you can also enjoy this place for some fun things you miss to do at the beach. For example, sunbathing, snorkeling to see marine species and coral reefs, and of course capturing beach moments with your camera and friends.

To have a perfect stay after getting tired from Rock Formation adventure, Caluwayan Palm Island Resort is just around the corner. ” Caluwayan Palm Island Resort & Restaurant is an ideal eco-tourism. It is an oriented resort designed to fit as a perfect alternative place of relaxation in Marabut, Western Samar. Being surrounded by a breathtaking view of towering rock islands and islets with secluded coves and coral gardens. Truly a paradise for scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, sailing, swimming, sun-bathing or simply lazing on the beach. You can still enjoy the view of the beautiful seascape of the bay. ” In addition, you can check their website for more details. Here.

How to get there :

From Tacloban City or Tacloban DZR Airport, R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative will be your companion to this exciting adventure. Caluwayan Beach Resort and Rock Formation is in Barangay Caluwayan Marabut, Samar. You got an option, because from there, you can either choose if you want to go and stay in Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort. Because you can also negotiate with a fisherman near the area to just experience the stunning beauty of Rock formations.

Make your option now, this trip will definitely put a nice experience to your list. Above all, R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative can give you a great, safe, and convenient travel. Don’t make any hesitations , book now!

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