Higatangan Island

Higatangan Island is composed of several white beaches accompanied marvelous rock formations. A 200-meter long white sand bar that looks like a giant tounge is a perfect platform to enjoy the sound of the waves and capture a great moment where you can think and a relieve from stresses. A walk by the beach will be possible on this set up though. Enjoy the beach ambiance and sand texture, relaxing moment you can enjoy. Open your understanding too , for this is not just a beautiful island, it is rich in histories and supernatural beliefs too.

Higatangan Island is in Naval Municipality , separated by a narrow channel in the North West tip of Leyte. “Higatangan” is a word derived from “atangan” which means “to wait for” . Oldest sayings, that the Rock Formations along the south coast is a home of supernatural beings, where there were cases that big waves and strong wind blown passengers aways when they are rude and rowdy.
It was also said that this Island is where pirates ambush ships with goods that travels to Sumbul or now known as Naval. Moros back then use this place as hide out to trap their enemies too.

In addition , Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines tenth President took refuge during WWII to the highest point on this Island and now known as Marcos Hill. And now, a light house was built here to guide boat men. It was said that this is where Marcos got his grace to have a chance to become the president. But Biliranons believes or they got a source controversy that it was not Marcos, it was “Fidel Limpiado” a member of a prominent clan who hid Marcos and his companions against the Japanese patrollers.

How to get there.

From Tacloban City or DZR Airport, save your excitement for R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative can give you a safe fun ride. A 2hrs and 30 minutes hassle free ride is waiting to reach Naval the Capital of Biliran. Biliran Tourism Website provide an options to choose from Naval:

  1. Hire a private boat to take you directly to Higatangan Island.
  2. Go the local way; catch a ride at one of the ferry boats going to the Higatang Island. Travel time is roughly 45 minutes. There are two pump boats going to Higatangan-Naval-Higatagan in the same schedule. They travel daily, they leave Naval port at 12 Noon and travel back at 7:30 in the morning. At sunday there is only one pump boat. Do overnight stay if you go the local way. “

Simple yet wonderful place to go with , full of thrill and excitement adventure you can enjoy. This Island were just a way to Naval – Cebu and vice-versa decades ago. Finally discovered that brought huge number of tourist to Biliran . See it for yourself. Book now and we will guide you through this journey.

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