Enjoy an extreme adventure and magnificent river views at the same time. A boat ride to enjoy the scenic nature of one Samar Island’s important river. Ulot Extreme River is a 90-kilometers long. TORPEDO is an acronym for Tour guides and boat Operators for River Protection and Environmental Development Organization, that can offer a fun and extreme torpedo ride roughly 10.5-kilometers of this river.

Ulot River runs a life that made Samar as the host of the Philippines largest lowland forest. It is surrounded and protected wildlife or fantastic biodiversity. You can appreciate this scene on a calm portion of the River. And just a heads up, more than ten rapids you will cross on this extreme ride, strong bumps and water splashes ahead.

Deni Point’s will be the end spot of the trip. Depth rock formation around here can give you a nice place to relax and to enjoy cliff diving and get carried away by the river current. This is also a nice spot for a picnic.

How to get there

From Tacloban City, pack your things and R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative will give you a safe trip to the TORPEDO office in Sitio Campo Uno, Barangay Tenani, Paranas Samar.
Save that energy to enjoy this extreme fun ride.

For additional information

Extreme rain and extreme drought can cause the ride to close. Contact Samar Island Natural Park (SINP) to check for availability or book your tour through these numbers: +63 918 223 5586 or +63 926 702 0590.
You can also contact the following numbers to reserve:
TORPEDO: +63 930 119 2882
Eugene: +63 948 340 1458
Jomar: +63 946 854 0808

Extreme experience is waiting, get prepared and R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative will certainly be your comfort buddy. Book now!

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