Natural surroundings of Sohoton Cave can definitely catch your attention. Especially for those whose nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Immerse yourself to this relaxing adventure complemented with a river cruise and cave spelunking. Sohoton Cave is composed of different caves, the Sohoton Cave, Panhulugan Cave I, and Panhulugan Cave II. Amazingly unique limestone formation can be explore here. Enjoy identifying different stalagmites inside too.

After cave exploration, a kayak way to Natural bridge is available. You can see marvelous forested rock formation that connects two mountain ridges. You can enjoy swimming and relaxing in this area before your trip ends.

How to get there

This lovely trip begins when R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative picks you up at Tacloban City and gives you a safe trip to the neighboring town of Basey Samar. Once you arrive at Sohoton Visitor Center and Eco Lodge, you need to undergo an orientation about the natural park and activities ahead. Afterward, you will board a boat for the river cruise to the beautiful Sohoton Cave itself.

Sohoton Cave is located at the southern part of samar and it is also a protected area. Its total land is 841 hectares and known for limestone formations, subterranean rivers, verdant forest, and natural stone bridge, a geographical beauty.

Tripadvisor Reviews :

Excellent Attraction

Loved the whole adventure of getting to the caves in the motor boat and then the trip in the Kayak up the river to the swimming hole.
Caves are amazing and the guide was so knowledgable and interesting, loved his humour.

Great Place for Newbie Adventurers

We took our 2-year old with us when we went to Sohoton Cave.
The facilities were quite basic (shower area, bathroom), but they were clean.
The cave is small but we did not have too difficult a time traversing it, even with a toddler in tow. We also enjoyed the kayak ride to the natural bridge.

You deserve a smooth and relaxing vacation. A cruise that will certainly give you peace of mind and chill-out moment. Nature adventure this will be possible with R8 Tourist Transport Cooperative. Book now!

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